I   am   the   Goddess   of   the   Stars   and   the   Sea,   She   Who   Sees   to   the   Evolution   of   humankind.   I   am known   by   few.   I   sleep   until   the   stars   awaken   Me   from   my   dreaming   at   the   dawn   of   each   new   era   of human   evolution.   While   I   am   fully   awake,   I   assist   humans   in   their   times   of   transition.   I   do   this willingly, but humans must help. Many   years   ago,   by   human   reckoning   of   time,   I   was   roused   from   my   sleep   during   the   wet   season of   Atlantis   with   the   knowing   that   a   time   of   change   for   humankind   approached.   I   listened.   Into   my vast silence blew the voices of a storm and the words of a lone priestess. I   watched   quietly   as   the   elements   danced   in   agitation. The   wind   churned   ocean   waves,   white   froth spilling   over   the   rocks   that   dotted   the   shoreline   of Atlantis.   Sand   blew   in   tiny   funnels   on   the   beach. Large   raindrops   began   to   fall.   Its   eye   opened   in   luminescent   fullness,   the   moon   shed   silver   light upon   the   scene.   The   priestess   Jaquine   leaned   against   a   boulder,   her   tears   mingling   with   the   salty water   of   the   ocean,   her   long   dark   hair   whipping   wildly   about   in   the   wind.   Jaquine's   essence   shone brightly   from   the   power   place   in   her   belly.   She   held   her   pregnant   womb   with   her   hands,   caressing it. Her eyes were closed in prayer. "Goddess,   I   beseech   you.   Two   infant   girls   have   been   lost   to   me.   My   womb   released   them   before their   time.   I   pray,   help   me   keep   this   one.   I   bleed   now   when   I   shouldn't.   Let   this   baby   live!   Let   my womb hold her until she is ready to come forth into the world." I   listened   in   stillness,   the   silence   broken   only   by   the   sound   of   gusty   wind   and   raindrops   falling   to the   earth.   The   moon's   illuminated   gaze   let   me   know   that   this,   and   no   other   place   in Atlantis,   would be   the   place   where   a   calling   would   be   born.   Here   I   would   find   a   human   to   help   in   the   urgent   task that   woke   Me   from   my   dreamtime.   With   a   new   era   of   human   evolution   dawning,   I   must   see   to   it that all went well. Jaquine   spoke   again.   "The   priestesses   of   the   Holy Temple   tell   me   the   child   that   grows   inside   me   is a girl. She must live to carry on my lineage. I must pass onto her all that has been taught to me." I remained silent. Let the moon show me more. Let me see into the woman's heart. Jaquine   leaned   into   the   boulder,   sliding   down   until   she   sat   on   the   ground,   shoulders   slumped, head   lowered   in   obvious   despair.   Ocean   waves   slapped   violently   onto   the   shore,   breaking   the moon's silver beam into tiny shards of light. "What   must   I   do?"   Jaquine   asked.   "I   would   give   anything   to   see   my   baby   born   alive."   She hesitated, looked down at her belly. "Will you take my life in return for my baby's?" I   did   not   desire   to   take   a   life.   I   merely   wanted   a   helper.   I   remained   silent,   allowing   the   raging   storm to show my rejection of Jaquine's brave offer. Finally,   Jaquine   looked   up,   her   eyes   dry.   "If   you   allow   my   child   to   be   born   alive,   I   will   offer   her   into your service when she comes of age." Fully   awake   now,   I   was   grateful   for   the   moon's   watchful   eye.   The   wind   died   down.   The   waves grew   small.   The   rain   ceased.   The   clouds   broke   away   from   the   moon.   Jaquine   stood,   hope   evident in her features. "Your plea has been heard," I said softly. Jaquine   looked   around,   puzzled.   "You   speak   to   me   as   a   Goddess,   yet   your   voice   is   not   the   voice of the Goddess I know and serve." "I   am   vast   and   I   am   infinite.   I   am   mother   to   the   stars   and   sister   to   the   moons.   I   watch   over   the firepower   of   the   stars   in   the   heavens   above   and   within   the   souls   of   men.   From   the   power   of   the stars,   I   gave   birth   to   the   deep   oceans.   I   rule   this   domain   of   fiery   suns   and   watery   seas   as   I   sleep. Still, I need human help to do my work. I accept your offer." "You will help my unborn child?" "Your   girl   child   will   grow   safe   within   your   womb.   In   return,   the   child   is   mine.   My   signature,   the shape of a tiny star, will mark her. When it is time, I will call upon her service." Jaquine   smiled,   her   relief   and   gratitude   apparent.   "I   will   bear   a   girl   child.   My   baby   will   be   safe,"   she murmured,   stroking   her   belly.   She   bowed,   turned   from   the   shore,   and   made   her   way   back   to   the Holy Temple under the moon, its eye obscured by returning clouds. Geodran   was   born   in   safety   from   the   womb   of   her   mother,   the   high   priestess   Jaquine.   I,   the Goddess   of   the   Stars   and   the   Sea,   held   her   name   in   my   mind   until   the   time   came   to   call   upon   her. I had kept my promise. I expected my due in return. I   have   chosen   a   multitude   of   helpers   over   the   eons   of   human   existence.   None   have   touched   Me as   deeply   as   this   one   called   Geodran,   daughter   of   Jaquine,   who   lived   long   ago   on   the   continent   of Atlantis.   I   give   her   story   to   you,   for   who   can   tell   but   that   you,   too,   may   be   beckoned   forth   as   a pathfinder into a new dawn for humankind.
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